Your site won't send create email to .us domain

I tried setting up account on my *****.us domain hosted on a paid mail server provider and your site won’t send it a activation code email. I used a gmail account instead, but I really don’t like to do that. I receive all my other emails fine on the *****.us domain.

Are you referring to this particular forum?

When I try and sign up for account on your forums with .us domain I don’t get any verification email. I get all my other emails from other mail servers fine. A paid provider hosts my mail. My DNS records are fine.

When I use domain sign up works fine. But I dislike google and other free mail services as most of us who watch you.

Regardless you have the best linux videos on YouTube, mostly because of the way present the content. You should teach at the University level!

I’ll keep on watching Thanks

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I’m not sure what the issue might be with a .us domain, I don’t control any settings manually to allow/disallow individual domains. So I don’t know what the issue might be off the top of my head.

I may teach at the university level at some point, I’ve been considering it. My workload is too massive right now, but it’s something I’m considering for the future.


It’s been a few years since I did deeper troubleshooting on email issues. Most email issues get resolved in a few days and have to do with one of the mail servers that emails have to bounce through as they go from point A to point B.

At the moment I can’t recall the tools that I used to use to troubleshoot problems like this. I think getting the detailed header of an email that was sent in reply to a failed delivery is the first step.

A failed email will have an IP or domain name of the mail server that gave the error. Then it can be determined which mail server is the problem and who owns that server :face_with_monocle:

The issue for me, is that I’m not running my own mail server, so it’s a bit difficult to go beyond the underlying server that this application runs on. If the problem is on another side, and it’s closed off, then we are kind of at its mercy, which is never fun.

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