LearnLinuxTV search for Firefox

Thought I’d try to promote LearnLinuxTV by creating a search shortcut in Firefox. I tried to submit the shortcut at mycroftproject.com but when I try to submit it I’m getting the error

No {searchTerms} parameter found. (Case sensitive)

Not sure if it has something to do with the search term that I set for the site:

or if there is a problem with the site. Anyone have any experience with this?


Thank you so much for attempting to do this. It’s been several days since your post, did you get any closer?

It was my first time trying to submit a search shortcut at the mycroftproject site. After looking at several examples and submitting several variations, I kept searching through the ones on the site and could never find the one that I submitted.

A few minutes later I went through the mycroftproject shortcuts in my own Firefox browser, and low and behold there it was. It befuddles me however that I can’t find it when I attempt to search for it on in the mycroftproject site.

I’ve never actually seen that site before, unfortunately I can only guess as to why that might be the case. :frowning:

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