Youtube playlist "Intro to Bash scripting" missing videos

Hi Jay

I occasionally point people to your videos when I think they need a primer to Bash scripting. But your old series on Bash scripting has many missing videos:

Only video 6, 7 and 10 are available in the playlist. Is this intentional? Even though the videos are some years old, I still think they’re good for beginners to get started.

So could you consider making the whole series available again? Thanks. :sunglasses:


I’ve hidden many of my older videos, due to the overall quality being fairly bad. The videos should still be available though, if you know the URL. I’ve hidden them because in my opinion, the quality is terrible compared to what I make now. I think the difference in quality was negatively impacting stats, so it’s kind of an experiment. If you want I can probably check and see if the URLs are still listed in my account, and post them here. That should allow you to view all of the videos.

The bash scripting series will be relaunching on Udemy soon. But before anyone gets concerned by that statement, my Udemy project is considered completely separate than the YouTube channel. For example, I’m in the process of filming 30 tutorial videos right now that are going to be specific to YouTube.

For the older YouTube videos, I’m really not sure what to do with them because I don’t think it’s possible to “repair” the videos with editing and audio adjustments, so the only thing I can think to do is to remake them.

I might even consider making the older videos available for download for free somewhere. My only concern with that is that the originals have all been permanently lost, but I can probably use youtube-dl to download them from YouTube.


Ok. I understand your point, but I still think it’s a shame, since I believe these videos gave a really good basic introduction to Bash scripting.

I also understand why you’re moving course material to a separate paid platform. However, for the specific purpose of pointing people to a quick Bash tutorial, it seems I have to find something else that have approximately the same level as your previous series.

Good luck with the new videos. :sunglasses:

I get your point. There may be a good compromise though, if the videos were linked from the main website but not searchable in YouTube. That way, older content won’t mess up the analytics on YouTube, but people will still be able to view them.

Also, don’t misunderstand, I’m not “moving” the course materials to a paid platform, the videos on Udemy are separate from, and done in parallel to, the YouTube channel. I have about 3 or 4 tutorial series planned for YouTube, so there will be plenty of videos to point your people to. :slightly_smiling_face:

I’ll give some thought to how to distribute the older videos.


Update: It was easier than I thought. I’ll add the links below. Let me know if any of these don’t work for any reason.

01 - Getting Started: Introduction to Bash Scripting 01 - Getting Started - YouTube
02 - Hello World: Introduction to Bash Scripting 02 - Hello World - YouTube
03 - Intro to Variables: Introduction to Bash Scripting 03 - Intro to Variables - YouTube
04 - Executing Commands: Introduction to Bash Scripting 04 - Executing Commands - YouTube
05 - Basic Math Functions: Introduction to Bash Scripting 05 - Basic Math Functions - YouTube
06 - A Simple “If” Statement: Introduction to Bash Scripting 06 - A Simple "If" Statement - YouTube
07 - Checking the Existence of Files and Folders: Introduction to Bash Scripting 07 - Checking the Existence of Files and Folders - YouTube
08 - Universal Update Script: Introduction to Bash Scripting 08 - Universal Update Script - YouTube
09 - Standard Input, Output, & Error: Introduction to Bash Scripting 09 - Standard Input, Output, & Error - YouTube
10 - Creating a While Loop: Introduction to Bash Scripting 10 - Creating a While Loop - YouTube
11 - Correcting Laptop Insomnia: Introduction to Bash Scripting 11 - Correcting Laptop Insomnia - YouTube
12 - Filesystem Locations For Bash Scripts: Introduction to Bash Scripting 12 - Filesystem Locations For Bash Scripts - YouTube
13 - The Case Statement: Introduction to Bash Scripting 13 - The Case Statement - YouTube
14 - Sending Email with sendEmail: Introduction to Bash Scripting 14 - Sending Email with sendEmail - YouTube
15 - Sending Email (Part 2): - YouTube
16 - Sending Email (Part 3): Introduction to Bash Scripting 16 - Sending Email (Part 3) - YouTube


Thanks Jay - topic now bookmarked for future reference! :sunglasses:

Also, I only now realize the videos are almost 9 years old. Well, I still think it’s a good introductory series. I guess I was focusing more on the content than the quality, because I totally agree that your videos now are much more professionally produced. :+1: