Xcp-ng Homelab Show

Interesting timing on the XCP-NG show. My project for this weekend is to set up XCP-NG on a retired laptop and try to rebuild my ansiblized machines on VMs on that server to validate that I can actually rebuild them from scratch.

One concern is that I really like LXC containers. They seem to do very well on my highly constrained VM server. Yet, they are not available on XCP-NG.

Take a look at OpenShift to see if it fits your needs. It can manage containers and VMs.

I gave up on Xpc-ng on that machine. Proxmox install flawlessly. Now I can learn a bit about clustering.

I agree that containers are a missing feature that shouldn’t be missing. I mean, you can run a VM with something like Ubuntu Server and run LXD on it (or run LXD without XCP-NG) but I totally understand the frustration, that’s not the same thing and a workaround isn’t always desired. I’m hoping XCP-NG gets some sort of built-in container support soon. The absence of that pretty much eliminates the viability for some, since a lot of people are doing virtualization from low-end NUCs that could probably only run a single VM before memory becomes constrained.

I am amazed by the whole thing. Much of the money for the development of these technologies comes from data centers. Yet they still function surprisingly well on low-end hardware.

FWIW, I don’t have anything special for NUCs. I just happen to have one and am continually surprised at how much one can squeeze out of a couple of Watts. I used to have a bunch of RPIs which I consolidated on a single machine.