WSL causes Linux migrations

My journey to Linux so far…

Starting out a few years ago, I had three Windows systems, a dev/gaming machine, a test machine and a work machine.

I noticed this thing called WSL. It looked cool so I put it on my work system and my system and played with it.

WSL2 came out. Updated the Work and Dev systems. Started to actually learn Linux, watch videos, read articles and wrote some bash scripts and a couple Python3 programs.

Converted my old windows test machine to MX Linux. Got much more involved with the Linux side of things.

Was laid-off from my Windows Developer job (18 years). So the work machine went back. I ordered a new XPS laptop (13th gen) from Dell, but I got the Linux option (Ubuntu 23.04). Updated to 24.04.

Updated the MX Linux system to Debian 12.

I still have the Windows machine, but I spend more than half of my time on the Linux machines.

Moral of the story (so far)… I blame WSL2 for moving me (mostly) to Linux.