Wifi is not working

I’m new to linux. I’ve just migrated from win 8.1 yesterday. I’m using a HP 240 G5 Notebook laptop. I’m using Fedora 34 and i noticed that my wifi is not working. It says “No WiFi adaptor found” in the settings. Plz help!!

Was WiFi working in live mode? It’s always recommended to test WiFi in live mode (since it doesn’t require an installation) so you shouldn’t remove your current operating system unless you’ve already tested hardware compatibility.

However, since you’re beyond that now, that error generally means that the WiFi card isn’t supported. You could try an Ubuntu live session by booting off an Ubuntu USB. I’m not saying you should replace Fedora, but sometimes it helps to compare distros and you can test Ubuntu in live mode without installing it. Test Ubuntu 21.04 and see if WiFi works. If it does work in Ubuntu, then that would tell me that it’s a driver issue for sure.

But also, the output of the lspci command will tell us which WiFi card you have, and without knowing that, there’s not a lot of advice that can be given at the moment. So I recommend comparing Ubuntu, and also providing the output of lspci.

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My problem solved. I should have watch the video series you have made on YouTube ( Linux for noobs ) before Installing Fedora, then I never come across this issue atleast. Anyways i learnt a new thing😊, Thanks for helping!!