Wifi Card for Realtek RTL8852AE chip

Hello, I’m completely new to linux and watch one of your videos on youtube. Top 10 linux distros for noobs.
Anyway I followed your video last month “popos full beginners guide.”
Currently im stuck on the wifi connectivity. I’m also having this problem with every linux distro I want to try. So far ive tried using PopOs, Manjaro (plasma & xfce), ubuntu (LTS & Regular). This is really driving me nuts. I know nothing about linux yet I care for privacy. All the videos online are promting me to put this code in terminal, download kernals, AUR, words that dont make any sense to me what so ever.

I’m using a lenovo ideapad 5 16 with AMD ryzen 7 + Nvidia geforce gtx.
Realtek RTL8852AE chip

This is the official lenovo website for the computer.

Have you tried MX Linux or Garuda?

My computer uses the RTL8821 and both distro’s used a kernel that supported this chip on the live usb image.