Why there is not debían based content?


i don’t like @ubuntu
I :heart: @deepin.org

where is the app?
fine i get the message
i was just asking my self where is the app for this or if it’s just web based ??
i think you should make a channel for @telegram :bulb:

I can understand and respect that not everyone prefers Ubuntu, but for the most part the majority of the videos on Ubuntu (at least as far as tutorials) should work on Debian. Is there a particular video that’s not working out on Debian?

Debian Documentation, preferrable PDF.

I’m relatively new to “the Linux,” before retiring I spent my life in the Windows world.

There is nothing I enjoy more than reading a technical manual from cover to cover with a cup of coffee in my hand. What’s the best Manual for Debian that you can recommend, in PDF format.

I’m not sure what the best PDF documentation for Debian might be.

If it helps, when the new Debian Stable is released, I plan on doing some content around that.


Here you go.

The book is available as an ebook in PDF format.


It doesn’t look like the link to the PDF worked.

In my humble opinion, Linux distros are like shoes. Some lace-up, some slip-on, some buckle, and some use velcro. Once one gets the idea of slipping their foot in and ‘closing the shoe’ they all work pretty similarly in principle.

Also like shoes, Linux distros come in a variety of forms, fits, functions, and fashions. So you can just pick the one that meets you needs, size, and moods.