Which server for Ubuntu Server 22.04?

Hey everyone!

I m new to this “game” and i have some doubts.

One of them is which server to buy to build my home lab based on Ubuntu server.

Bc of space and noise i d need a desktop tower, found some old Fujitsu tx1310 m3 on Ebay here in Europe but Ubuntu dont certify the machine for Ubuntu Server 22.04.

Do you perhaps have any suggestions?

My lab will need to run Snort, pfSense and ELK plus 5 boxes to test security stuff.

Many thanks!

My guess is it will work fine. It is an older CPU and chipset which would be well supported by the Linux Kernel by now. But I would run Proxmox on that machine then use Ubuntu for your VMs, rather than trying to run all those apps in one instance of Ubuntu. Plus, that way if Proxmox runs you know for sure virtually any operating system will run on top of Proxmox.