Which Firewall?

Hi, my Spectrum router features ipv4 and ipv6 firewalls…enable or disable, no settings.
I also use UFW on my Debian 12 system.
My question is , which is preferable, if any, and why.


Sorry to reply to myself, but my memory was incorrect. Both firewalls have a few settings available. I can list them if necessary.

The ISP router’s firewall is preferred, as it is the main gateway preventing randos from trying to exploit things like your phones or smart light bulb or printer (particularly the last one). The local firewall on debian is a good additional defense, but optional.

The general idea is: block traffic from coming in your network before it reaches end-devices. But if the router itself gets compromised (which happens often) and it tries to exploit devices on the LAN, then having that additional ufw is good (assuming you block traffic from everything except a few trusted IP addresses, not the entire subnet, otherwise, that’ll be useless against attacks coming from the router).

Thanks for the reply!!