What's up with Ubuntu Server 22 install

I’ve installed dozens of Ubuntu server on bare metal starting at v16. V20 rolled around and I found myself needing a legacy installer to get going from scratch.
Here I am at v22 wondering if it’s me or did something radically change in the Ubuntu server install that it just bombs after you enter all the particulars.
I’m installing it on a machine that was formerly running 22.04 via upgrades from 18. (had to replace the SSD)
I’ve read some stuff about partition issues where people have needed to install a desktop OS then “migrate” back to server.
I’m using all the defaults just like in the book.
Clues anyone?

Okay… Update.
I thought I could safely ignore the failure to connect to Ubuntu for updates during the install… Apparently not. Disconnect the network cable, rerun the install and … Joy.
In my case the first boot took a while because the all the network adapters were configured with DHCP (without even asking) so, I had to wait out the DHCP time out on all the unused ports.

Hope this helps someone else.
I wish they would bring back the more interactive installer this curtain thing is a little annoying.

Had some trouble with installing it, but ignoring to “update the installer” solved. Also, I personally never use update during install.

So far so good.