What is your prefered linux remote desktop?

I am curious what people preferred remote desktop is for Linux to Linux connections.

My experiments with using my jetson nano and jetson xavier as headless nodes on my network are going really well. It is nice to be able to use tmux and just let the boards run their long term processes. I can check on them from where ever I am.

However, it would be nice to also be able to remote into the desktop on the boards. I work alot with ROS and ROS2 https://www.ros.org/ . Many of the tutorials are design to run with the graphical tools on the same node as the sensors and gpu cores. Once you get things figured out you often move the monitoring functionaltity off the control node… but at first is it just easier to do it all on one node to reduce complexity.

Things are going well enough that I am considering building a machine for doing machine learning. I am thinking of something based on a ryzen 7 and an nvidia 3080… when prices come back down. I would prefer an AMD graphics card, but nvidia is far enough ahead in AI and robotics that I am stuck with nvidia.

Ideally, this machine would be running proxmox so that I could setup several vms which have access to the gpu. But, I am not sure how well that works in practice. That seems to be something that the GPU manufacturers are only making easily available on their enterprise boards. I’ll seen several announcement and a couple of people have posted it work… but there still appears to be many hoops to jump through to make it work well.

On my end, I’ve been a big fan of X2go. It works really well for me. I also like how you can use it to run individual apps remotely, or the entire desktop, whichever you prefer for the use-case.


I’ll give start [X2Go - everywhere@home] a look tonight.