VPN client or DDNS

Hi everyone,

I’d like to ask for a little help with planning my homelab. I’m setting up my home server with proxmox. I need to have remote access to proxmox as I’m going to be traveling for some time. I have a dynamic IP.

My home network looks like this:

router from ISP(I) → router for my server(II) → server with proxmox

  1. I need to sort out a problem with dynamic IP.

I have a VPN subscription with a dedicated IP address, so I was thinking about setting up the VPN client inside proxmox. Or is it better to go with DDNS?

  1. If I go with VPN. I can’t set up VPN on my router(II) as it only supports OpenVPN so I was thinking about setting up wireguard in the container. Is it a good idea to set this up like:

proxmox container → docker inside container → wireguard container ?

Or is it better to just add another container with a wireguard to my main proxmox VM? Any security concerns?

For the VPN client inside the container, I found this:


You are missing a third option. Overlay networks. I use zeroteir in my homelab but I hear tailscale is also great, and none of my internal self hosted services are exposed publicly. You don’t even have to open any ports on my firewall. As long as the device you are connecting to your services with is yours, and you can install zeroteir on it, you will be better off. It’s always more secure to keep your services behind a firewall than to expose it for miscreants to poke their dirty little fingers at.

The sticker shock of using such convenient and easy to use VPN was probably going to be your hardest pill to swallow. I’m kidding, it’s free for up 50 devices. Check out Jay’s video on how to set it up. There is even an android app, so you can keep your phone connected to your network.

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