VM guests no sound on Proxmox

Wondering if Proxmox is gd for just trying different Linux Distros? So far sound on the guest vms just doesn’t work for me. Is access to Proxmox Forum a paid access forum? Anyone else have trouble getting sound to work in their proxmox VMs? I’m a VM noob.

Using the proxnox noVNC gui will not allow you to play sound. You need a remote sound playback device, like windows has in RDP, but I’m not aware of anything like that in linux.

The proxmox forums are for people with subscription to proxmox.

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VDI ques:
Trying to follow this tutorial to setup my proxmox PC as a standalone work station server? Also this VDI solution offers a solution to ‘no sound in Proxmox VMs’ . First question, is can I use xfce chromium lightdm instead of installing Debian LXDE? 2nd ques. is does the dm have to be installed first & then Proxmox or can I install the dm from proxmox root shell: apt-get install xfce chromium lightdm

FYI, finally I was able to register as a unsubscribed Proxmox forum member, just trying to get access to ques. topics so I could expand read replies in their entirety. Seems there is a non member forum.