Using Python for Enterprise Automation - Free PDF Book

Just wanted to share this little gem I found on the net.


Oooo! That looks real interesting; thank you for sharing! \o/

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Thanks so much for the post! I’ve been struggling to learn programming, but am really into Python right now and find it to be fairly easy to learn and understand, setting aside for the moment that some people consider it a scripting language, while others consider it a programming language with scripting features. In any case, we all learn differently and have to start somewhere!

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I’m mainly a scripter, but my software development skills are growing.

I’m currently working on The Twelve-Factor App where you separate your configuration from your code. This prepares your code for entry into your chosen repo via git. I’m mainly using environment variables to store configuration data. This helps keep the code clean and re-usable.

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I’m glad that book mentions Fabric, so it passes my test (so far). I used the heck out of Fabric in Python for automation back in the day, it was one of my favorite automation methods before discovering Ansible. I’d bet it’s still useful for various things today. I was borderline obsessed with Fabric at one point, back in 2012 or so.