Using "adduser" as alternative for "usermod -aG"

Hey Jay,

In the first chapter of your book you mentioned both useradd and adduser for creating users.
Later in that chapter you explained adding a user to a group with usermod -aG.

I was wondering if you are aware of the adduser <user> <group> variant of adduser?
According to the documentation (see last paragraph under Description), this command also adds an existing user to an existing group, much identical to usermod -aG.

Perhaps it’s a good idea to mention this variant as well in your next book revision? I personally find the adduser <user> <group> variant a bit more pleasing to use because it prints feedback to the terminal (whereas usermod -aG prints nothing at all) and it’s very easy to execute after adduser <user> by just recalling that command and appending the group.

Let me know your thoughts, were you aware of this approach before?

He has covered all in one or more of his videos.

Like BigBunny mentioned, both have been well-covered between the book and videos. There are always alternative methods for everything, so it’s really difficult to cover each individual possibility. But for the next revision it’s certainly a possibility.