USB Gamepad not working in Pop_OS 21.10

Help! I can’t seem to get my USB Gamepad (controller) working. I am trying to use with my GeForceNow Account. I use Pop_OS 21.10. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I see a wired USB xbox controller on the list, is that the one you are having issues with? I had to find drivers for my Xbone controller. Mine are wireless and I had to install XOW driver for the USB dongle to work. A quick google search suggests that wired controllers should “just work.” However an aftermarket controller will sometimes have issues. You may need to reinstall the xpad driver.

Yes, the listed controller from the ‘lsusb’ is the one not responding/ not working. I will endeavor to reinstall the xpad driver. Is there a way to remove the xpad driver then reinstalling them?

Thanks again.

The source is here. It has pretty good instructions.