USB Drive Will Not Mount Using fstab

OS: Debian 10 Buster

Output from blkid:

/dev/sde1: LABEL="WD 2TB" UUID="e1eaaf80-c729-414b-89c3-5aa64a51401d" TYPE="ext4" PARTUUID="707d72fa-41d7-43f6-91e0-b1f65053fd59"

Line I added to fstab:

UUID=e1eaaf80-c729-414b-89c3-5aa64a51401d /media/usb0 ext4 default 0 2

When I run sudo mount -a I get the following error: "mount: /media/usb0: wrong fs type, bad option, bad superblock on /dev/sde1, missing codepage or helper program, or other error."

What I have tried:
The thing is, before I did any of that, I used sudo mount /dev/sde1 /media/usb0 and the drive mounted and was usable.

I tried rebooting to see if it would mount…the first time I went through this. Bad idea, had to reinstall.

The Google’s sends me to pages about reformatting a drive, but the drive is clearly ext4 and mounts, and is usable…as long as I do not try to use fstab. I am hoping I have a typo or something easy, but I sure cannot find it. I have watched Jay’s video covering fstab and read the relevant section in MUS, but those are not really troubleshooting resources. Any help would be appreciated.

defaults not default


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