Update NaNo Editor

Hi Guys,

I have debian 11 installed. I have installed nano editor. the version installed with apt package is 5.4. New version available from nano-editor is 7.2.x

Quesion, How can I manually upgrade the nano editor>

Thanks. mcs3ss2

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I would not recommend going beyond what a distro’s repos are offering, but you can either:

  • get a custom repo, if available and install from there
  • manually compile it, which I don’t recommend, as you’ll be in charge of maintaining and updating it
  • installing nix package manager and use that version

Using nix-env on debian works and gives you access to all the nix packages. Currently nano is on 7.2 in nix repos.

You’ll have to invoke nano from your own environment, or install nix as root (the daemon version) and use it for the entire system. Check out the nix wiki.

you could always enable the backports repo and see if there is a newer version in there.


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