Ubuntu Rolling Version

Is anybody aware of this rolling version of Ubuntu ?

That’s definitely interesting. Also, I’ve always felt that non-LTS versions of Ubuntu should be rolling. There’s not much value in the non-LTS snapshots IMHO. But good on that project to attempt it if Canonical won’t.

I’ve been aware of it for a while, never tried using it, except once when I failed to upgrade to it on my Pi 4. I believe a canonical employee was maintaining it.

I believe the Rolling Rhino Remix project is quite new. Before, it was Canonical employee Martin Wimpress who had a Github project with the Rolling Rhino script to transform Ubuntu into a rolling release.

It’s nice to see somebody has taken it a step further, and included some more modern utilities (like the Nala apt front-end, which I’ve recently started using myself).

I was surprised to see that enabled by default in the armbian repos for jammy. It is getting a lot of traction since Chris Titus Tech and Novaspirit Tech made a video about it.


Well I tried it and my system got ruined after the rhino-update, so that didn´t work out …

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The quality of Ubuntu… Well, if you want a rolling distro and want to use apt or nala, you stick with Debian testing or sid. If you want the manjaro experience, where things may take days or weeks to come in if anything is broken, you go with testing. If you want the arch experience where anything can break today and be fixed in 2 or 3 days, you go with sid.

If you want a stable rolling, go OpenSUSE Tumbleweed. If you want fixed point release with pretty new software, use Fedora.

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Well, I wouldn’t blame ubuntu for this one. The rhino-update and config seems to screw around too much snapd which seems to break some depencies.

I did some distro hopping last couple of weeks like Debian Sid, Pop_OS and Fedora, but Ubuntu is still the one I like the most. The other have some annoyances I don’t like.