Ubuntu Cinnamon Remix

Just installed Ubuntu Cinnamon Remix. It’s Ubuntu with a fully configured cinnamon desktop, with all the tools the “original” ubuntu installation has (this is also the biggest difference with Linux Mint). It’s not the official cinnamon desktop of Ubuntu yet, but it hopefully soon will be.

Check it out at:

I hope it becomes an official flavor. I’m not personally a fan of Mint, and Mint has what’s long been considered the best implementation of Cinnamon. I would like to see an alternative compete with it, one that’s officially supported.

IDK why? It was the first Linux I used and I used it for about a year before moving to Manjaro-i3. I never had any probems with it and it was stable and easy to use even with a dual-GPU (Nvidia) setup for doing rendering. I thought they did a good job keeping up with patches, too.

I think it would be nice for other distros to have as good of support for Cinnamon, though; it’s very nice for people to start out on, or for people who use both Windows and Linux. :slight_smile:

I don’t like the fact that Mint is LTS-only. One benefit of Ubuntu Cinnamon Remix is that there can be LTS and non-LTS releases, so the user would be presented with a choice. There are other reasons I don’t like Mint, just personal reasons, I’d still recommend it. I think it needs more competition in regards to Cinnamon.

Mint definitely has earned the respect of many new Linux users. I’m so glad that the Linux community has grown thanks to Mint. Also, I would probably throw it into the mix for recommendations for a new user, even though I have never used or installed it.

You mentioned that you have moved on in your Linux journey to Manjaro-i3. I got into Linux before Mint existed. Back when I first started installing distros, SimplyMepis was considered the easiest to install and run to get used to Linux. After cutting my teeth on that, I moved to straight Debian and Slackware to get back more resources so I could get a little more out of my old hardware. Now I use:

  • Fedora on main home computer (often get to play with the latest stuff with a great community for support)
  • MX Linux - Fluxbox edition on spare work computer and travel laptop (works great on older hardware, and once again a great community for support)
  • RaspberryOS on my Raspberry Pi 1 Model B+ (hard to find another distro that work as well on those Generation 1 pi’s, and I have tried a few others, but stability issues and corrupted SD cards brings me back to RaspberryOS which has given me the longest uptime with the most successful updates)
  • Ubuntu Mate on a work “presentation” computer (older hardware that can’t run Windows 10, single purpose machine, Mate’s “Redmond” layout is similar enough to Windows that non-linux users don’t struggle to use it)

I have a lot of respect for the Ubuntu Flavors, so I too would like to see this as a flavor and they might come up with innovations that Linux Mint could fold back into their distro to make it even better.

I agree, and you definitely have chosen some solid distros there. :slight_smile: