Ubuntu 20.04 - Adding dual PCIe GPUs stops mobo network

I have a hashcat server with Ubunut 20.04, which works very well. I want to reconfigure it to use mobo graphics instead one of the CUDA GPUs (for a couple of reasons).

After a fresh install without GPUs installed I have found the server boots and runs fine, network comes up - great. When I then add the GPUs the network device PCI bus address changes; the GPU bumps it up:

Using lspci I can list all the devices and see their addresses:

before: Network address 8:00.0
after: GPU address 8:00.0, GPU sound address 9:00.0; Network address a:00.0

If I had known I would have installed the GPUs before the Ubuntu rebuild, but I didn’t. A lot of configuration work has gone in, which I want to keep if I can.

Any ideas how I can manually set the Ethernet PCI address, or somehow trigger rescan and driver re-configuration?

Thanks in advance,

I just bought Jay’s Mastering Ubuntu book and read a few pages in the networking chapter - and I think I know the answer. I will test my theory of the interface name changing because the PCI bus address has changed… and I suspect I just need to configure the new interface!

Excellent book!

I’m glad you’re enjoying the book, thank you for your support!