Thin Client that takes a 3.5" drive

Hello everyone,

I hope you dont mind me asking but i am trying to find a thin client pc that takes a 3.5" drive. I have been given an 8TB 3.5" Sata drive and am looking to save money on power and want to use this thin client or low power pc for my jellyfin server. I currently have a 1u dell server that i use for everything in my home lab but am finding i only really need to keep my jellyfin server on 24-7 (or would be nice if i could use smart plug and power on my server everytime i needed it but thats for another project).

My thinking was to have a low powered pc for jellyfin with the 8tb drive in it and use my 1u sever every day i need it and power it down in the evenings when i dont need it ( sometimes i can go days and days with out it).

Would anyone be able to recommend anything?

Thanks for reading!

I’m using an Odroid H3+ and it has support for up to 2x 3.5" drives + m.2 4x Gigabit Ethernet card. I don’t have any drive other than a m.2 nvme in it, so I’m using the smallest official case (the type 2 case), but there are other variants.

If you don’t like the weird form-factor, get the type 4 case. Otherwise, get the type 1 or type 5 (only difference is the latter comes with m.2 Ethernet cutout).

The power it has makes it a full-fledged PC (and it’s my daily driver), but I used to daily drive a Raspberry Pi 4 for 3 years or so, obviously YMMV. It’s more than plenty as a thin-client, but can lift its own weight is what I’m saying.

As a server, it would be good for jellyfin I think, particularly if you can leverage the iGPU for transcoding. You might be able to push it to do other stuff too, given enough RAM.

Just make sure that you have backups of your video library (the original discs count as a backup copy, just would be a PITA to re-rip it).

Don’t need a smart plug, just get a dumb RF remote and connect it to the power button.

Thnaks so much for the help i will look in to all that. The Odriod looks like a nice bit of kit! wonder if i could find a case for it that can i mount it in to my comms cab. hmm thanks so much. so much to research !

The care is made out of PCB. You should be able to gently poke a hole into them with a small drill (go up from the smallest you got). Adding some heat to the mix might also be a good idea.

If all else fails, you can always just zip-tie it from a few anchor points it has for airflow, or tie it around the whole case.

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