Temperature Read Out Issue For SSDs Using Gnome Disk Utility

POP OS 20.04

I recently swapped to new hardware moving the SSD and HDDs to it. I was checking the disks with the Disc Utility and noticed that the Temperature of the SSD was showing as 99 degrees C (210 F). That is ridiculously hot and the usual recommended is best to keep below about 70 C. The HDD was showing 47 C. When I looked at the SMART test it showed that that reference 194 (0xC2) the temperature was 75 C, and that at reference 231 it showed the 99 C. checking Wikipedia it looks like reference 231 was used for temperature in the past however:


0xE7 Life Left (SSDs) or Temperature

Indicates the approximate SSD life left, in terms of program/erase cycles or available reserved blocks.[68] A normalized value of 100 represents a new drive, with a threshold value at 10 indicating a need for replacement. A value of 0 may mean that the drive is operating in read-only mode to allow data recovery.[69]

Previously (pre-2010) occasionally used for Drive Temperature (more typically reported at 0xC2).

–End wikipedia–

Note that the HDD only reported from reference 194 and there was no information above reference 202.

A couple of days later I ran a quick self test on both drives with the SSD showing 26 C at reference 194 though still 99 C at reference 231 so at first look the Disk Utility is reporting that. The HDD showed a temperature of 42 C.

Now I don’t know whether this is a known issue with the Disk Utility, whether this is an issue with my Integral SSD outputting incorrect data, or what. I am just glad that the temperature for the SSD is OK. I have scoured the Internet but cannot find anything on this. In fact there is virtually nothing regarding SSDs temperature, or using SMART readout for it, though there are lots regarding using SMART for other failures, etc. From the Wikipedia article I assume that it is reporting the drive as 99, (out of 100), and in good condition and that the DU is not able to realise that it’s an SSD. However that does not explain why with the HDD it takes it from reference 194 and with the SSD it takes it from 231.

It sounds to me as though you may have found a bug in the Disk Utility that hasn’t been reported, I think it would be a good idea to report it. Even if it’s not a bug, perhaps the developers can shed some light.

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