System76 + pop os + docked + reboot = monitor not recognized during boot


Issue: docked system76 laptop doesn’t recognize external monitor during boot. This is an issue with cryptdata as I need to enter this password before I get to the user login screen. I can type it in and then the external monitor is recognized during at the user login screen.

Question: How to have external monitor recognized during boot?

Most likely, your computer BIOS settings has an option on which display to initialize first. It’s not always the case, but it’s not uncommon. I would enable the option if you can find it in the BIOS, which basically tells it to initialize an external display (if present) and then fall back to the built-in display if an external display is not connected. Oddly, most laptops default to initialize the laptop display first even when an external display is connected. I can’t fathom why, but it’s often the case. Hopefully you do have such an option and it’s that easy.