System76 Firmware on TUXEDO laptop?

Currently, I am looking to buy a 17inch laptop with coreboot and IME disabled. The best solution would be System76 Oryx Pro 17". But System76 online store is out of stock of 17inch laptops with coreboot and IME disabled. And I am unable to wait any longer for System76 to get back in stock.

Probable solution:
I am thinking of buying TUXEDO Book XP17 which is identical to System76 Oryx Pro 17", and installing System76 Firmware and Pop OS. This way getting the same System76 functionality with coreboot and IME disabled.

Probable execution
I found this System76 Firmware Switching article that I was planning to use it.
As I understand It should works this way: 1. Install Pop OS. 2. Do command line commands from the article.

My worries/questions:
Will I be easily able to install System76 Firmware on the Tuxedo laptop and will everything work the same as if that would be System76 laptop? Or I will have a lot of problems to deal with?

I would greatly appreciate any help.