Stuck on Ubuntu 21.04

Hi everyone, I have a problem upgrading from Ubuntu 21.04 it would seem that i missed the upgrade window to upgrade to 21.10 that would then let me upgrade to 22.04 and cant now upgrade ither by GUI or CL. I am dual booting windows using grub and dont want to format the drive install windows, install Ubuntu over that to setup the dual boot again. is there a way to install 22.04 over 21.04 that would preserve my home directory ? yet still end up with a clean install ? or should i just bite the bulit
format the drive and start a fresh ?

This might still be relevant:

I don’t see why you would have to get rid of the Windows partition. I haven’t dual-booted Windows and Linux on the same system since 2010, and back then it was on a laptop with a traditional, non-UEFI BIOS. When I would distro hop I would nuke the Linux partition and use a Mandriva disk I had back then to restore the Windows boot loader. It was alot faster than using the Windows Vista restore DVD that came with the laptop and unlike the Linux DVDs that I burned myself (at least that I remember), the option to restore the Windows boot loader was one of the first things that came up when booting that Mandriva disk that came with a Linux magazine I bought in late 2008.