Stalled install with Packer + Proxmox + Ubuntu 22.04.2

I’m trying to use Packer to create an Ubuntu 22.04 template on Proxmox.
I was following Christian Lempa’s Youtube Video: Create VMs on Proxmox in Seconds! - YouTube

My config:

It gets stuck.

Meanwhile packer is waiting for ssh and eventually times out.

$ packer build -var-file="../credentials.pkr.hcl" ./ubuntu-server-jammy.pkr.hcl
ubuntu-server-jammy.proxmox-iso.ubuntu-server-jammy: output will be in this color.

==> ubuntu-server-jammy.proxmox-iso.ubuntu-server-jammy: Creating VM
==> ubuntu-server-jammy.proxmox-iso.ubuntu-server-jammy: Starting VM
==> ubuntu-server-jammy.proxmox-iso.ubuntu-server-jammy: Starting HTTP server on port 8567
==> ubuntu-server-jammy.proxmox-iso.ubuntu-server-jammy: Waiting 5s for boot
==> ubuntu-server-jammy.proxmox-iso.ubuntu-server-jammy: Typing the boot command
==> ubuntu-server-jammy.proxmox-iso.ubuntu-server-jammy: Waiting for SSH to become available...

I managed to find someone with the same issue on Christian’s Github.

It looks like they solved it by running from a different vm already in Proxmox instead of locally.
I’m trying to run this from WSL on Windows.
Is there a way to make it work from local or should I abandon that idea and just run it from a vm like the other guy did?