[SOLVED] Wireless Mouse Recommendation with no RGB lights

So I watched a video from Linus Tech Tips about gaming mice and I decided to ask a question about gaming mouse without RGB lighting and my comment got deleted without a warning. Thanks a lot, YouTube. :rage: :anger:

Anyway, I saved my comment/question with my requirements I’ve mentioned in my GEdit text editor and now I’m going to post it here. And yes, I am one duodecillion* percent beyond sure I did not swore! Good grief I did not! I mean, you kidding me…? Anyway… (sigh, whew…)

I want a wireless gaming mouse that satisfies one of my requirements.

  • No RGB lighting. I want my mouse to go to sleep within a minute when not in use.
  • Plus/Minus DPI buttons. I like to switch between them at will.
  • I do not want to use software for configuring a gaming mouse. I am running Arch Linux and I do not need to download software if I don’t want to. I simply want to turn off the RGB LED right away when I buy one.
  • Did I mention “no RGB lighting?” I stated it once and that’s my number one requirement.
  • The mouse should be wireless so I don’t have to worry about a wire pulling the mouse toward even if I tried to find ways to prevent that from happening.

I am a casual gamer, so I play games such as Portal, Portal 2, Final Fantasy XV, Final Fantasy XII, Dragon Quest XI S, and sometimes Bioshock Infinite, although it’s been years since I have not played that game. Alas, back around 1998, I used to play a demo version of Quake II with just a standard mouse that came with an IBM Aptiva computer, but that was a long time ago.

As I have my computer connected to my home theater receiver, I do watch movies, TV shows, and any form of video content, so I do not like that I have to manually turn off the Logitech mouse to prevent the mouse from distracting my eyesight when I’m not using it. Yes, I can turn the mouse off manually, but can the mouse please go to sleep when I’m not using it!?

And I’m serious. I am not a fan of RGB lighting. If it works, turn off the lights while I can still use it. I currently have a Silverstone FARA R1 computer case with a plain side panel and front USB ports. I am an “out-of-sight, out-of-mind” type of guy when it comes to computer cases, so if I plan on buying a Lian Li O11 Mini Air, I would probably paint the TG side panel black or white depending on the color of the computer case. I mean, I am a gamer, but just because I’m a gamer does not mean I should force myself love RGB lighting down my throat.

That’s why it can be very tricky to find a software-free gaming mouse that does not have any RGB lighting.

With all the requirements listed above, could anyone please recommend me a wireless gaming mouse?

*Duodecillion: 1 with 39 zeros. Besides, YouTube’s spam filtering system for comments is completely broken beyond repair. Am I exaggerating too much? Anyway, “decillion” is 1 with 33 zeros.

I’m pretty sure when you see “gaming” in the title that means RGB.

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So I should be looking for a mouse with a switchable DPI that is not a “gaming” mouse?

Update: I went into Amazon and i did a search for “mouse with dpi control” (without quotes). Looking through the search results, there are listings of gaming mice; however, I did come across one mouse with a DPI control but still says “gaming” in its name.

There is one little light in the mouse and I’m not sure how bright it is. Regardless, I suppose I could dim the light using Birllaid’s Light Dimming Stickers. Pardon me if I am contradicting my logic, but I suppose a little bit of light will do for letting me know the mouse is on while not causing me any distractions. Even the light from my Nintendo Switch Dock does not shine bright at all while I was asleep.

Anyway, it seems the G604 mouse can be controlled via Piper for Linux. However, with my current Logitech G903, my mouse does not seem to remember the setting for the main RGB LED, so it stays on by default even though I have set the LED to off or simply glow dark red (I mean, barely) just to let me know it’s on, so I had to get into the habit of turning off the mouse when not in use. I paid $99 for it last May of 2021 and the G604 is only $60.90. Seems like I should buy that mouse while it’s in sale.

And while looking at the G604, that blue light might look bright in picture, but if I go ahead and pull the trigger for the mouse, maybe I can put a light dimming sticker on the light so it won’t be that bright in a dark room.

Update 2: Maybe the adjustable DPI settings could mean the same thing as “RGB lighting?” Sure, the two are completely apples and oranges; however it seems like if I want just a regular mouse, maybe I should forget about adjustable DPI settings. But the way I see it, if I put a light dimming sticker on the G604’s light, I should be able to live with that. I cannot believe that there are $7 gaming mice out there with RGB goodness. :frowning: (shrug)

Update 3: Okay, so after a few minutes of searching page by page, I found a Lenovo mouse that has a DPI button for 3 DPI speeds and my favorite feature of the mouse? NO RGB LED!!! :smiley:

And the mouse lasts up to 12 months? Well, might as well get the mouse instead. I can live with just a single DPI button instead of the plus/minus buttons for DPI speeds.

Well, it looks like I have answered my own question myself without any help. If anyone is going to buy that Lenovo mouse with no RGB light, make sure to buy a couple of AA batteries even if the mouse only accepts one battery.

Oh, and one last edit (haha). Sure, the Logitech G604 does have 6 programmable side buttons, but I could live with my Streamdeck that I currently have. I have my Streamdeck setup for desktop magnification in Linux, so I’m good. However, if I do buy the G604, I could have desktop magnification right at my fingertip (I could say “thumbtip” but that wouldn’t be a word, would it? :slight_smile:).

Still, I am open for recommendations before I go ahead with the Lenovo mouse. I would definitely not have any regrets, though.

Update 5 after spending a couple of minutes reading reviews of a Lenovo mouse: it seems the two side buttons are used exclusively for controlling the volume of my computer; however, I have my computer hooked up to my home theater receiver and I can control the volume using my remote control, so the volume controls in a mouse is unnecessary. The two side buttons in most mice are usually for browser back/forward buttons. I use the Alt+Left and Alt+Right key to go back and forward through web pages, so I don’t use my mouse for that. But I have assigned zoom in and zoom out functions to my mouse’s side buttons even though I can do that with my Streamdeck.

So do I need side buttons? I could see having 6 side buttons that would give me flexibility to customize how the buttons should work when only using my right hand while my left hand is on my lap or doing something else other than using a keyboard such as holding a game controller. Hmm… Something to think about.

May I ask that everyone please pardon me for a long wall of text? I’ve been doing research by myself and I wrote a lot. Anyway, it’s getting late, so I’m going to leave my post alone for now.

I got a Logitech G series wireless mouse and I am super happy with it. I also have my gaming system set up with my TV as a gaming/media set up. When enjoying media, I simply turn off my mouse, so that the light no longer offends. I had to install software to control the RGB lighting on the mouse. I know that’s not what you want, but unfortunately when you are looking at anything “gaming” that is the price you pay.

The day that I went to build my gaming rig, pre GPU drought, when I told the sales guy that I didn’t want any RGB lighting on my system, his look of surprise screamed at me “why would anyone want to do that?!!”. I think that you and I are in a minority of more casual gamers that would prefer to keep the unicorn vomit off our gaming systems.

So I am not suggesting looking for a non-gaming mouse with switchable DPI, but rather allowing a program on your system to change the RGB. The software that I installed on my system (also Piper) for my logitech gear ran once, so I could turn down the rainbow theater, and it doesn’t use any system resources unless I were to start it up again. It’s a small program too, so hardly uses any HDD. It’s not a perfect solution, but I think it’s the closest IMHO.

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Ugh… Just turn on your flashlight from your smartphone and shine that light at the salesman. That would give them RGB prowess and blind salesman’s eyes! :slight_smile: Although I am blind in my left eye due to optic nerve hypoplasia, I could still shine my smartphone’s light on my right eye just for RGB fun, but nah… I’ve done that once. :smiley:

Joking aside, I went ahead and installed Piper from Arch repository. I gave Piper a second chance by applying the setting that sets the light to off, but it seems my mouse is not following through with the LED setting so it cam back on with the color changing light the minute I started typing instead of using my mouse.

What a bunch of RGB fanatics out there… I’m really holding a grudge against the entire DIY PC market… I meant no offense for name-calling, however it would be nice to cater for those who are against RGB lights once in a while.

Anyway, thank you for your help. I think I am going to go with the Logitech G604 and put a light dimming sticker over the light.

Update after a few minutes later: Okay, I’ve changed the light to dark red in Piper and applied the setting, but after a few minutes later, my Logitech G903 defaulted back to a bright rainbow theater. :frowning:

Update as of 11:54 AM EST, I set the mouse to Cycles mode and set the brightness as low as I can go and everything seems to work fine. I can’t see light at all while looking at my monitor. It’s not going back to full brightness, so all’s well. Maybe there’s a bug in the firmware that causes even “Off” or “Solid Color” to go back to Cycles mode with full brightness after a few minutes. Strange…

Update after a few minutes later: Okay, I lied. Now it went back to full brightness in its own.

Update as of 12:04 PM EST: I have just pulled a trigger on the G604 mouse and it should be here by next week. My light dimming sticker will be here by Friday. Just a little tiny light that will be covered up is better than having a big Logitech G light. I’m going to mark my thread “solved.”

Guess what? I got me a new Logitech G604 mouse! No light shining right at my right eye. At first the light came on, but then it turns off while in use and I love it a lot. I now have 6 programmable buttons near my thumb. And boy do I love that mouse.

I am very happy with my purchase. Bye-bye mouse with a “look-at-me-I’m-cool” RGB light!!! :smiley: And my G604 mouse will last a lot longer as well!

Adios, RGB light crowds! :smiley: (Okay, I’m not being civil and kind, am I? :slight_smile: Well, I should be. However I just want no part of the crowd who wants RGB in every single computer electronic.)

Awesome! I’m glad the new mouse worked out. Now to give the mouse a work out and get some game time time in.

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Thanks. My mouse actually does not need recharging. If the battery goes dead, I can simply swap out the battery with the new one. :slight_smile: I will never go back to a mouse with a distracting RGB light. I did get some gaming on with my mouse (Portal, Portal 2, Final Fantasy XII, etc.) and I love it.