Snap only in 20.04

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Just watched a german video about 20.04 and he (german youtuber) said, it will just support snaps/snap store out of the box.

Any information on this?

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Yes, Ubuntu 20.04 will support Snap packages out of the box. But it also supports Debian packages just like before. Snap packages are just an option you can consider, and can give you newer package versions should you decide to use it. I think it’s a good thing to have more options.

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Stardenver, this is not the case at all. Ubuntu 20.04 LTS supports both Snap packages as well as conventional Debian packages fairly equally. True, some packages are offered as Snap packages only, but this is not wholly the case.

Do you have the link to the video you watched? I would like to see what this German YouTuber is saying. Thanks.

Thanks for your reply. I am at work right now. I will look for the link to the video later, when I am back home again.

And here we go:

But it seems like he already realized he was wrong.

Thanks, Stardenver, but the video is in German and my German is very rough. Google Translate does a good job at rendering the info in English, but not the video narration. So, the link doesn’t really give me a good idea as to his reasoning that Ubuntu 20.04 LTS supports Snap only.

Well… guess we can simply forget about it, as he already apologized for spreading wrong information. He explains within the comments, that he was mistaken.

I already installed 20.04 to test it myself. Guess I’ll not stick with Ubuntu but at least I know that .deb are still supported and can be installed.

Okay. Thanks. That works for me.

Snap packages are like an addition to APT