Slimbook Pro X 15 + POP OS

Hi there, first of all congratulations, i enjoy/learn a lot on every video you share on youtube. I have a Slimbook Pro X 15 laptop that has an intel/nvidia 1650 MAX-Q hybrid card, i installed pop os and i’m very happy with but i would like to understand somethings that are happening to me. If i have nvidia in hybrid mode (intel used for desktop and when i want to launch an app with nvidia a choose "launch with dedicated graphics) Pop OS works amazingly but if switch to nvidia mode i get a somewhat slower desktop experience , moving windows around feels less smother compared to intel experience on hybrid mode, also i noticed on gnome-terminal it feels like i have some delay when i write commands vs they show on screen.

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I’m not sure to be honest, this seems like a driver issue to me but that’s just a guess. In nvidia mode, the battery will not last as long and the fan will probably run more often, but that should be the only downside. I’m not personally familiar with how Slimbooks are built, so hopefully someone else may know. It might be worth tailing the output of /var/log/syslog to see if there are any clues (if you haven’t already tried that).

Hi there Jay, slimbook are build like system 76 (clevo or tongfang barebones), i think the problem here resides on som bad configuration of the nvidia driver. I fresh installed pop os 20.10 and still have the same problem, the desktop with hybrid graphics or only intel is way smoother than with nvidia when i choose only nvidia on nvidia-settings, on games nvidia works perfectly with hybrid or nvidia only. In your oryx pro do you have the same behaviour when selecting only nvidia on nvidia-settings? Best regards Jay

I haven’t tested nvidia-only in quite some time. On the Oryx Pro, there’s no reason to switch it off of hybrid mode, so I keep it on that. The custom firmware that System76 created for both the Oryx and the Gazelle has been a gamechanger for me in regards to Nvidia. So it’s hard to say what the issue with the Slimbook might be - it may use the same upstream hardware provider, but there are many customizations that System76 makes in the firmware. So if it works fine on the Oryx, that wouldn’t be a good comparison for the Slimbook. The only thing I can think of is that it may potentially just be a bug in the driver.

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