Setup a XMPP server

Hi. Jay.
I am trying to setup my own xmpp prosody server at Linode. I’m using the Nanode 1gb plan with ubuntu 20.04 LTS as a base. I installed prosody. I think I have set my domain up correct with a A and 2 SRV records to begin with. I believe I run the latest version of xmpp prosody (don’t know how to check it). But it does not work. On android app “Conversation” I get a error “stream error”. I have found some Youtube videos, but they are old and don’t work now. Maybe you can make a video on howto the easy way to setup a xmpp-server that support A/V calls, share files etc.

Regards Daniel

Sorry for the late reply. But if you use the ‘nslookup’ command along with your domain name, does it return the IP address of the Linode? If not, something is wrong with DNS. Also, make sure you set reverse DNS as well. Let me know if you’ve already tried that.