Setting up nextcloud in a virtual machine


So I installed nextcloud on a virtualbox ubuntu server via snap packages.
Installation is done since it was the easy way.

I also have a domain with a SSL cert both are from namecheap service.

What I do not know is how can I point my namecheap domain to my virtualbox server.

My primary uses for this nextcloud server are for cloud storage, mail and calander and also privacy.

Also I am not an expert in managing servers or web development.


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You’ll have to forward a port in your router to your Nextcloud server, and if you don’t have a static IP on whatever device handles your Internet connection, you may need to set up dynamic DNS with a CNAME.

So as not to overwhelm you, the first order of business is forwarding port 80/443 to your Nextcloud server. The rest can be discussed later.


Alternatively you can use zerotier or nebula to make a vpn network for all your devices. This bypasses the need to mess with port forwarding, dynamic dns and such.

Zerotier will be much easier to setup and works across windows, linux, android and ios (I believe) with an easy to use web interface for joining clients. The con is you will be using zerotier infrastructure for establishing connections and are limited to 50 devices on the free account. You can self host it all for free but it isnt very straight forward.

Nebula on the other hand isnt available for mobile platforms yet and requires manual configuration of config files and setup but is overall much easier to self host (only option right now).

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I forgot about zerotier, even though I did a video about it. Good mention.