Set up LVM on a laptop is it worth it?

I have a laptop with 2 drives. One is a 240GB m.2 and the other is a 512GB 2.5” SSD which I want to use as additional storage. Is it worth setting the 2 drives up using LVM or am I better off mounting the drive normally?

While I’ve seen Jay’s video on LVM and agree it can do some fancy stuff, I think it’s mostly suited for servers and systems that need to be running continously, where you need to manage storage devices on a fine level.

For desktop installations, I think it’s not really necessary, and I would just go with 1 partition per disk. Of course, you may see some benefits that I don’t, so decide for yourself.

I actually decided to just go with mounting the drive to a folder in my home folder in the end

LVM is one of those things that’s useful depending on your use-case, and in some ways, you’re creativity. For Arch machines, for example, I use it to take snapshots of the root filesystem before running updates. After a week, if the updates are fine, I finalize the snapshot. If something was broken by an update, I roll the snapshot back and try the update again later. It can be useful on laptops as well as servers, depending on what you want to accomplish.