Server rack behind you in the videos


I went over the videos of the Homelab on the YT channel and they are awesome. It could be that I missed it but I am wondering which server rack you are using. Would it be possible to share the specs on that piece of “hardware”.

Thank you so much!


Let me know if this answers your questions:

Proxmox server:

TrueNAS Server:

Hi Jay,

Thanks for the answer, much appreciated! Can’t find what I’m after, but you can blame me not being clear enough.

I am looking to which brand the server rack/cabinet is. The piece of “hardware” I mean is something like this e.g.

Curious which brand you went for and feedback on noise isolation, must be pretty good since it’s in your studio.

Thanks again,

Could it be this one?

I can’t recommend the cabinet that’s behind me, because I made a mistake and bought the wrong one. It’s meant to be completely enclosed, but it wasn’t long enough for my servers. So the back is disassembled and open, but you can’t see that in the video. I’ve been wanting to get a replacement cabinet, but I haven’t gotten around to it.

Thanks for the heads up Jay. I’m still in the process of looking around there’s a lot of options and sizes around. But I can live atm with what I have lying around.

One thing to watch out for, going on my experience of a decade ago, is that sometimes you get offered server racks when in fact they are switch racks. Some are definitely not as strong as those for servers, but being for switches the depth is far too short. The racks we used were tall free standing, though we often fasted them to the wall as well, and far larger than you are likely to require.

Thanks for the info! #alwayslearning

I’ll admit fully that my rack is a network rack, and I didn’t pay enough attention while ordering. Then I was too lazy to pack it up and return it. Not my proudest moment.