Screenshot on server how?

I just have Ubuntu server and can ssh to it but it also has a keyboard and a screen thought HDMI text only.

I can press print screen key but not sure if it saved it any place.

Looked on Google and all have the desktop even though I look for server.

Maybe the only way is hook up a video box though HDMI to record the screen? Or is there away to just press print screen and a .jpg will be in your home folder?

-Raymond Day

If you’re using ssh to access it, then you can screen capture the terminal using the hosts’s screen grabbing tool (like Windows Snipping Tool, Screenshot, etc.).

IDK if Print Screen works on a text console, but you can look in ~/Pictures to see.

Yes I ssh to it and made it full on my windows 10 and then push the print screen and open XnView and Edit - Import Clipboard then saved it and put it in here.

That junk that you can’t do it on the server. Have to ssh to it and copy it with Windows 10.

Something is making busy the fan gots fast and it gets hot and the only way to make it cooler is turn it off and turn it back on then after awhile it gets very got again and super slow then.

This is why I am running htop now.

-Raymond Day

Did you figure out the heating up issue? If it is older hardware it could be that you need new thermal paste applied. I have done that a few times with older hardware recently, and saw better thermals afterwards. There are some chips like earlier model AMD chips that just give off a lot of heat. I have a laptop with a AMD mobile chip from 12+ years ago, and I have replaced the thermal paste, but it still gets hotter than I would like. Not always comfortable on the lap.

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This is on a Intel compute stick. The core m5 one. I guess about 4 years old now. But I have to seen it get hot or hear the fan spin up in a few days now.

-Raymond Day