Rule #1 - Be Kind!

This is the most important rule in this community, and everyone is expected to follow this rule. And the rule is simple - be kind!

The LearnLinuxTV community aims to be the following:

  • A place for fans to discuss topics surrounding Linux and its related technologies
  • A place where you can chat without worry that someone will be an asshole
  • A place where you will not be judged, made to feel inferior, or become nervous to ask for help

More specific rules, in no particular order:

  • No trolling
  • No political posts (outside of Linux-related politics, of course)
  • Absolutely NO “RTFM” replies. If you don’t feel like providing information, then simply skip the post and DON’T reply.
  • While RTFM replies are not allowed, it’s okay to ask if the topic creator has already read something (just don’t be rude)
  • No discrimination of any kind. Anyone that insults or creates an offensive reply based on gender identity, sexuality, race, religion, country of origin, language, marital status, color, or any other personally identifiable criteria will be banned on the spot.
  • No posting of factually incorrect information on purpose (misleading someone)
  • No posting of harmful commands or suggestions
  • No sharing of content that violates intellectual property or copyrights

The staff of LearnLinuxTV reserves the right to remove any content that violates these rules, with our without explanation or notice.