RHCSA Exam and Visual Impairment

Hello everyone. Before I begin, I wish there is a “general discussion” forum that talks about Linux in general, but as far as I know, we cannot talk about what is in the exam environment, but I do have a question that pertains to my visual disability.

I might have asked a question somewhere in the Internet during the past 3 years and I wanted to get myself certified in RHCSA, but due to the pandemic (closed testing centers at the time), I did not feel committed to studying for the exam until now. I also wanted to study for CompTIA Linux+ early during 2020 until the pandemic hit. With that in mind, will I be able to use a magnifier when taking the exam? It is important that I be able to use a magnifier so that I can read the questions without having to squint.

I’ve been a Linux user for about 13 to 15 years (all the way back to Ubuntu 7.04-7.10 days and I feel comfortable with using the command line interface. I’ve just gotten a handle on SELinux and I’ve been studying everything I can so that I can start practicing on the practice exams (I already have an eBook). I’m used to configuring an Apache server in a Debian virtual machine and I’m more of a Debian type of guy myself who is simply trying to get a handle on configuring a web server on Red Hat/Alma Linux/Rock Linux-based distributions. Of course, I know how to remove the distrobution’s online repositories, copy the repositories from the DVD, and then configure the package manager to use the local repositories.

And I’ve been using Proxmox as a playground for running virtual machines. Before that, I used to use Virt-Manager to host virtual machines in the server and even in my desktop.

So, studying for RHCSA exam does not stop me from taking the exam due to my visual disability, but my #1 concern is that I need to be able to see the questions so that I can pass the exam. Are there people with visual disability that passed the RHCSA exam?

Oh, and I do have several certifications under my belt: CompTIA A+, Network+, Security+, CySA+, and Cisco CCNA. Of course, these certifications do not have anything to do with Red Hat certifications, but I would love to add RHCSA to my portfolio of certifications. I once planned on studying for LPIC-1, but I’m going to hold off on that and get my RHCSA certificate first.

I knew of a few of them. If you need accomidations for your disability all you need to do if get a SAR form and send it in at least two weeks before you take the exam.