Review Tuxedo XMG Fusion 15

Hello Jay,

If you could manage it, reviewing this laptop would be great as there are almost no decent reviews of it.

Tuxedo OS XMG Fusion 15

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I’m chatting with them now to get a review unit, but they’ve already prepared the order and it’s not for that model. But I did contact them and let them know about your request for a review of that model, perhaps they’ll send that one along next time.


Tuxedo is offering their drivers and their system control app for free for any model of the Intel QC7:

Intel QC7: Ubuntu 20.04 installation

I am really curious how this Tongfeng laptop will run with Linux.

I’m curious about it too. But when I was searching for info, there wasn’t as much detail on the platform as I would like.

Most of the infos is on Reddit:

XMG-gg on Reddit

It is a geek enthusiast machine. So perhaps 4 or 5 review vids that I found online.