RDP to VPN client disconnects

I’m connecting on a local home network from PC1 to PC2 via RDP. Both are running Win10. PC2 then connects via VPN to an external network. However, as soon as the VPN connection is established, the RDP connection drops.

The VPN provider is Citrix (Citrix Virtual Adapter takes over once connected)

From my research on the topic it appears that possilbe ways to resolve this are

  1. To enable split-tunneling on the server side of the VPN (which is not possible in my case).
  2. Enable ipv6 and connect via RDP on that. However, I can’t figure out how to set this up at all. PC2 has has ipv6 enabled, but its not showing any settings under ipconfig /all.
  3. There was also talk about disabling “use default gateway on remote network”, but I can’t find such a setting either.

Any advice and tips on how to resolve this would be mighty kind.

Split-tunneling is almost always a good way to go. If that were a virtual machine, I would recommend adding another nic, and using one of the nics to be dedicated to VPN. I think what’s happening is that once the VPN is established, it’s taking over the entire TCP/IP stack for that card and no longer allows them to communicate. Split-tunneling, if you can do it, is probably a good way to go. I use split-tunneling myself.