RDP connection to Windows server

Dear all,
I’ve installed Linux Mint Ulyssa successfully besides Windows 10 on my Dell E6430. And I really like this! For someone like me with very little computer knowledge, Linux Mint is very easy and user-friendly.
I do mostly basic things (emailing, watch video’s on YouTube)

While now working from home due to Covid19, I have to access my work environment to a Windows Server via RDP. I’m using Windows 10 on my computer, but I wish to do this with Linux.

When I use Linux, I can have access via the Firefox web-browser. But I have a question;
How can I get my desktop environment on 2 screens? I’ve searched on the internet, but I cannot find any information that could help me. Logged in the Windows environment, I can’t get to the screen settings (maybe because of safety cautions)

Do you have some tips or some resources that I can view?
I also tried Remmina, but it could not even connect, no matter what I did.

Hope to hear from you.

Greetings from The Netherlands


Have you looked into installing Remmina on Linux Mint? It’s always been my go-to for accessing remote servers, including Windows.

Hello Jay,
Sorry for my late reply but I couldn’t reach this forum for a few days. I was constantly redirected to the blog page while loggin in to the forum. But we’re back :slight_smile:

Anyway, Yes; I did install Remmina but I could not get a connection. While watching some of your topics and video’s I suddenly got the idea that not all info/credentials might be required to get connected. I left the “domain” field empty and I got a fantastic connection. I’m now trying to find out if Remmina supports working with multiple monitors. I hope so. If not, I still have a plan B.