Raspberry Pi Cluster with ESXi?

Looking to see if anyone has created a RPi cluster and installed ESXi for Arm?

Use case: We are attempting to replace an older server that is just used to process backups, encrypted across the network. We believe we can put a few Rpi’s together to accomplish this, but not sure if it’s possible.

Thanks in advance!

This is a very interesting topic for me, but I haven’t had a chance to test this out yet. Unless I’m mistaken, it seems like a relatively new concept that hasn’t completely caught on (yet) so that may explain the difficulty in finding information.

@jay Anxious to see someone do this. I’ve scoured. I don’t quite fully understand the process in stacking or clustering the devices yet, or I would take a stab at it.

Ideally we could put a master or two with a few worker nodes and spread the love with ESXI rising on top.

PI4’s are powerful, but we just a little more horsepower to process a dozen or more large file backups / image backups at a time.