Proxmox NIC issues

So I a IBM x3650 m4 server. This server has 2 8core CPU (have 2 12cores on the way) as of right now it has 78gb of ram. This server has 6 NIC on it 2 of them are 10gb NIC. My switch will do 10gb using the SFP+ ports but i don’t want to buy the ends tell I can get the NIC fixed. I would like to know how the use all of them. Right now I have 7 VM running off one NIC. This would not be bad but 2 VM are game server and one is a Steam cash for my steam boxes. Can any one help me please. I’m using Proxmox 4.4. This is the only one that I could get up and going on it.

Thank you to any one that’s can show me or tell me how to get this going.

sorry, I am late to the party with this response. I have been working on the same issue this morning.

Network configuration seems a bit hard for me, maybe I just haven’t gotten it figured out enough so it still seems like magic.

What I ended up doing with my server is installing proxmox to a USB drive. I ran all my experiments against that USB drive so I wouldn’t mess up my real proxmox install. For me, experimenting with the host network is risky because I was always locking myself out of the network.

Secondly, I installed ubuntu 21.04 on another USB drive. The Ubuntu installer was pretty good at detecting and setting up all the ports on my card. From there, I adapted the network configs Ubuntu came up with to my proxmox installation.

So far, I have only configured the 1GB ethernets ports. The 10GB SPF+ are on my to-do list. I have had the best luck setting up a multi-port bond. With the bond, you can send 4X1GB streams to your switch. In my homelab, this works well. I will saturate one stream of the link with a large file transfer or migrating a VM. While that is happening the network treats the other streams of the bond as completely unused… Thus, they can be very low latency connections for streaming.