Proxmox Migrate between servers

Hello everyone!!! I have 2 Proxmox Virtual Environment and 1 Proxmox backup server. I need to migrate one VM from one PVE1 to PVE2. There is a way to do that. I know that its better to do a cluster with the two PVE. But for the moment I need migrate a VM. I do backup of both PVE into PBS.

I’m not familiar with the PBS and PVE’s backup system, I did backups inside the VMs.

But there’s an easy way to migrate the VM. Just create a new VM as usual in your 2nd PVE, but name it the same thing, configure it with the same amount of CPU, RAM and in particular, storage and finish the creation. Shutdown the VM.

Shutdown the original VM on the and copy the vdisks to the other server, assuming you’re using qcow2, replacing the temporary qcow2 disk on the target. If you are not using qcow or raw vdisks, then do a ZFS send of the dataset to the 2nd proxmox server. Snap the dataset and send it to the other server’s dataset with probably the same name.

If you’re using LVM-Thin, you’re in bad luck, because idk how to migrate these. I could tell you to do the same thing and create the new VM and then dd the data through SSH, but idk if that’ll work. Safest way here is to convert the lvm-thin disk to qcow2 and transfer it over, attach the qcow2 disk to the VM, then convert it to lvm-thin.

Let me know what you’re using and if any of the above help. I think using PBS would work in a similar fashion, but I’ve never used, so idk what to do with that.

If you don’t have any special hardware passed through to the VM, I have done this by backing up the VM, deleting from the original host and restoring it to the new host. I use an NFS share for my VM backups, so I had to make sure the same share was mounted on both hosts. You may have to adjust the network address and VLANs once you restore the VM to its new home.