Proxmox installation

I’ve installed windows 10 in a nvme and would like to virtualize Ubuntu and Mac OS with the removable medium.

I installed proxmox in the removable medium powered by thunderbolt port, I completed the installation and received the web address to administrate the VM’s but I’m unsure where I should key in the web address I got it from the proxmox window

I would appreciate if someone could guide me to move ahead.

I’ve used VM ware it is installed within windows 10, so I can manage vm with GUI’s, in this situation I don’t know what next.

Welcome to the forum!

I don’t understand what you did. Proxmox is a standalone OS and its management interface can be accessed from anywhere from the same network.

Say, you install Proxmox on computer A. You open up computer B and type the IP address of computer A in your browser, with port 8006 and use HTTPS. That’s how you manage Proxmox. Inside Proxmox, you can install Windows and whatever else.

In the computer B’s web browser, you can go to your VMs and open up webVNC on that proxmox webpage to control your VMs. Alternatively, once you are inside them, you can enable services like RDP, so you can connect to the VMs in a more direct manner than through the web browser. You don’t need VMWare.