Problem with nextcloud

First I should apologize for any mistakes english is not my native language.
I have some troubles with my nextcloud. I set up my server (Ubuntu 22.04) on an old asus laptop (15+yo) and installed nextcloud on it. I have a domain and got ssl certificate via certbot. Unfortunately I missed the day when the sertificate would expire. Couple days later I tried to renew it, after a bit of trouble I managed to do it at last. But now when I go my page via url I get message “Web server is down”. First I got Apache default page, but after some fiddling with Apache configuration it disappeared and now I can see only “Web server is down”.
I am no IT pro and it is only a hobby of mine so I am at a loss. I tried to look up on the internet solution but couldn’t find any. Would any of you help me?
Also, as I am quite new to IT, I don’t know what info is important for you guys to help.
All best!

Resolved. …