Privacy and Data secuity by using VPS in Linode

I am new to this channel, I am not sure whether to ask this question or not.
I am planning to host my Nexcloud in Linode VPS.

  1. Hosting Nextcloud in Linode VPC is safe (Does my data privacy is maintained) or not.

i) Does it affects our privacy of yes, please state how to overcome that issue,
ii) if not why Linode VPC is good compared to other cloud providers.

  1. If I want to host in my Nextcloud at home and if want to access my files when I am not in the home, I have port forwarding by exposing the port, in that case, I am giving away for hackers to get access by data.

i) How to overcome this above issue.
ii) Which VPN I should use, should I need to connect to any domain namely Duckdns to host in the domain,
iii) is it safe to use domain names, is there any security thread.
iv) Is there any better solution.

I am also new to this forums but I like to help and I have been in a similar situation as you, so I might help you somehow.

Before I chose Hetzer (Germany based) I tried Linode before. I also have strong interests in privacy and a couple of reason made me settle for Hetzner. Pricewise, they were better than Lenode and privacy wise, Germany has good tradition in this department. Also, I am based in Europe, another reason.

BTW: They offer service now in the US:
This was on they ‘what’s new’: “#### Hetzner Goes USA! - New location available
On 3 November, we launched our new location Ashburn, Virginia, for all cloud servers with AMD processors and all cloud features. The new U.S. location is one of the most important data center capitals in the world. Now, you can also profit from the strategic location and the global interconnectivity of the location.

But independently of your provider, what I found out is that you will always need to take in your hands the security of your server. I know Linode has a easy to deploy template for Nextcloud and other popular servers, but you end up with an installation as you would by following any Nextcloud install guide. Hardening of the server, that is a task for you (someone correct me if I’m wrong regarding Linode as my experience was about 8 months ago).

Regarding privacy, I would say any provider can be an option (somehow I would prefer one out of the N Eyes - on my case Germany it’s also one of the 14 eyes, so my choice is not optimal). What you can do is to use encryption together with Nextcloud, then you should be safe. Nextcloud has an option to enable encryption (then it hosts the key) which might be enough - Again, that’s what I used and perhaps I should in the near future go for a better solution, because the key is hosted there :frowning:

For security hardening, there are countless guides out there, but I strongly recommend installing fail2ban. Head over to Raspberry Pi Documentation - Configuration and below you have the fail2ban section too. I did some parts of this too Blog: Raspberry Pi Hardening Guide

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