Please mirror LearnLinuxTV's videos to LBRY


Would you mind mirroring the LearnLinuxTV videos to I believe it’s relatively easy to have LBRY automatically grab a copy every time you upload to Youtube. So it should just be a one time setup and you’re done.

I regularly watch your videos and it’d be nice to be able to watch them without using Youtube. Also, I’d like to be able to occasionally comment but I by choice don’t have a Google account.

If you have the time. No big deal.


Thank you for the suggestion!

I’ve actually already took a look at that platform, and I’ve decided not to go forward with it. Instead of LBRY, I make ad-free videos available on Patreon as of a few weeks ago. All new videos will be uploaded to both YouTube and LBRY. As a Patron, you get access to the ad-free videos so you’d be able to bypass YouTube and Google that way. In addition, I’m in the planning stages of creating my own platform for the videos, so that’s going to give everyone even more options for avoiding YouTube for those that prefer not to use that platform.

As for comments, I try to respond to comments on YouTube as often as I can, but I feel as though this community forum is a better place to discuss than on YouTube anyway, so if you prefer not to have a Google account I totally get it - it’s probably better to discuss here anyway. In addition, future videos will have a blog post on this site that will mirror the comments in this forum, so overall it seems like a better solution to me. Especially considering that YouTube comments can be hard to keep up with sometimes.


Agreed. Anything to get away from google.