Openshift Requirements of Openstack

From my other post one can see I am following Jay’s video series on Openstack administration. It’s really awesome!

I am about to press the button to create Openshift on top of Openstack but am wondering what the underlying requirements of Openstack are needed to deploy this successfully. I am running Openstack on a Proxmox VM with 24GB of memory and 200GB with 4 VPCUs.

I suspect this is not enough to run Openshift even though I know that Openstack can over commit on VCPUs and memory to some degree.

Can someone tell me what the underlying Openstack implementation needs to support in order to run Openshift as depicted in Jay’s video or point me to where I can figure that out?

Secondly, do I really need gp1.xlarge (4VCPUs/16GB RAM/100GB disk) flavor for Openshift or could I get away with something smaller just to test drive the basics of Openshift on Openstack?

Many thanks in advance.


Your amount of available RAM is a bit of an issue in my opinion. A while back, I struggled a bit with 64GB and that was just OpenStack itself.

As for the gp1.xlarge requirement, that was mentioned in some documentation I read but I fully encourage people to explore and try to see what works. So long as it’s not a production system, the best way to learn is just to try it and see what happens. Worst case scenario, you may have to rebuild something, but that’s part of the fun!

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I am in the process of acquiring a server with 128GB of RAM and 20 cores which should handle the Openshift requirements. I tried to use smaller flavor and Openshift complained and errored out so the documentation was correct! I will report back when I get my server set up and Openstack running on it to let everyone know what the base requirements are for a default installation like the one you did are.

As I have been working from your video on Openstack and Openshift I definitely have been trying things and restarting over at times. Definitely learning a lot which, as you say, is fun!

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