Open source document management software

Does anyone know of any open source document management software - i am looking to put all my documents from 20 years go to now that are taking up so much space in to some kind of software that i can scan them in and save them as pdf or any type of file name and then search for the file name or the content of the document. I dont really need any more features than basic search.

Thanks in advanced.

I didn’t find any graphical programs, but found this cli program.

If you want to make a single pdf searchable you can use OCRmyPDF.

You can install it from apt (Ubuntu/Debian/Linuxmint)

$ sudo apt install ocrmypdf

On Windows you will need Windows Subsystem for Linux (wsl), for that run this command in administrator mode (right click cmd).

> wsl --install

then you can start wsl and install ocrmypdf

> wsl
$ sudo apt install ocrmypdf

It is pretty simple to use, first change directory to where your documents are stored (/mnt/c is your C drive on Windows)

$ cd /home/username/Documents
$ cd /mnt/c/Users/username/Documents

and run th program

$ ocrmypdf -l eng input_scanned.pdf output_searchable.pdf

the output_searchable.pdf should contain text that can be searched through by the regular pdf viewers.

I haven’t actually tried it out, but if you need help I will check it out.

There should be programs that are more convenient, I will share if I find any, someone else here might know.

Have a look at Paperless-NGX or Mayan EDMS. They could be a good fit for what you are after